Blue Beyond

Review: This 4-piece band has madcap Maria Convery and gorgeous Gemma Dorsett sharing the lead vocals with  FLITNEY, Richard (backing vocals and guitar) and Gemma's dad Mark (guitar). They play covers of tracks by artists such as Bryan Adams, Eagles, Cockney Rebel, Crowded house, The Monkees, Van Morrison, Scissor sisters, James Taylor and even Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Its a little bit wierd to hear female vocalists singing "Brown eyed girl", "Layla", and "Take it Easy", if you know the lyrics, you'll understand why.

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  1. I saw blue-beyond for the first time at the red lion in teddington and thought they were so good that I have made the effort to see them at other venues. They play with so much energy and the girls have fabulous voices. Who cares if some of the lyrics don't work for girls... it's great music!!