Wire Jesus

Review: This 6-piece band from Reading has Mike Murray (vocals and guitar), Amy Barton (vocals and aoustic guitar), Nicole Perkins (piano and vocals), Tim Perkins (cello), Tiki (bass guitar) and Mic Harrison (Drums and percussion). Since starting out in 2004 they have performed at a diverse range of venues, from a local Oxfam music shop to Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall. Recently they played as support to My Latest Novel, Semi-Finalists, HEM and Pure Reason Revolution. This helped give the band a high level of critical acclaim for their mesmerizing vocal harmonies, frenetic live performances and thought provoking lyrics. As reported in Drowned in sound - "No-one can accuse Reading Six piece Wire Jesus of being yet another indie band."

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Venues: Oxfam Music Store, Reading : Celler bar, Bracknell : Loft, Cambridge

Website: http://www.wirejesus.com/ or http://www.myspace.com/wirejesus

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