Review: This 5-piece indie guitar pop band features OWENS, Ben (vocals, guitar), MILNER, Kat (vocals, violin), STOVOLD, Sid (guitar), SMITH, Neil (bass guitar, vocals ), and DARRAH, Mark (drums and percussion). They write and perform their own songs including "Sensitive but a bit of a 'rong 'un", "Set my alarm for 7", "Sometimes I'm ashamed", "Stupid what". OWENS, Ben now plays with The Stylettes.

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Venues: Claremont, West Byfleet : Good Intent, Puttenham : Havana, Windsor

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  1. OK, all bands hate being categorised, but Brassneck can't really be described as a 'folk-rock' band. They're more an indie guitar pop band who happen to include a violin and acoustic guitar in the lineup. Very little folk going on there, and not much rock either. And they're very fine indeed, although I would say that, being a member of the band myself. ;-)

    Thanks for the inclusion in your listings!