Review: The various parts of this band have changed over the years. Although in my opinion the heart and soul was torn out recently to form The Famous Five Band. The only surviving member was Van DORP, Nick (keyboards), the replacements include Blue (hmmm, what else would you call a redhead, on lead vocals), Chazzy B (lead vocals and guitar), DINES, Phil (bass guitar), James (drums and percussion). The line-up or band name may have changed again by time you see them. They sometimes play in pubs, but mostly at Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate functions, Christmas Parties and private members clubs. They play covers of tracks by artists such as ADAMS Bryan, Pink Floyd, Pretenders/UB40, and WILDE Kim.

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Venues: Fox Inn, Bisley : Cricketers, Westfield : Saddlers Arms, Send : Sun Inn, Chobham

Website: http://www.disciplesband.co.uk

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