Debbie Giles Band, The

Review: This 4-piece band is no longer together though Debbie Giles is now singing lead vocals with Midnight Train. Also PAYNE, Barry (bass guitar and vocals) now plays with House of Cards.

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  1. Ive seen this band a couple of times and loved it along with the crowd. Even found myself singing along to the originals. Also Sheryl Crow does a nice version of Sweet Child so not down with your comment.

    (MCMLXVIII - thats true, but all the others, who've done covers of it, use the original G'n'R lyrics)

  2. Saw the DGB again last Friday at The Lamb, Farnham - they get better and better! 'Love the new numbers as much as the originals. Excellent audience reaction, and soooo well-deserved. Can't wait for the CD!
    Suzanne & Terry