Gone Country

Review: This mighty fine country band features Stu Edwards (acoustic guitar, lead vocals and Harmonica), Alex Kitch (Lead guitar), Graham Snow (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Libby Jones (Drums, percussion, backing vocals). They have recently been joined by Lori Lee (vocals). They play covers of tracks by artists such as Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Kenny Rogers and Jerry Reed. Sometimes they combine their set with The Johnny Cash Show.
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Venues: Charlotte St Blues, London : Holly Tree, Addlestone : Saddlers Arms, Send

Website: http://www.gonecountry.co.uk/
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  1. A fine band, i happened to go to the saddlers arms one saturday & didnt realise they were playing, the pub was packed and they were very professional but still managed relate to the crowd and have a laugh, and as for the music, a great selection of country, classics and some good fun party bits too - worth going to see for something different to the norm! Great fun