Review: This six-piece band has John McDevitt (lead guitar and vocals), Neil Tupman (Guitar and backing vocals), Terry Hughes (bass guitar), Anna "BOMBanna" Jenkins (violin and vocals), Long Dave Coston (piano and organ) and Stuart Francis (Drums and percussion). Two of the guitarists, who at this gig seemed to come dressed as schoolboys (remember that guy from AC-DC) and the third sporting a "Prison Break" haircut, but don't let that put you off. They are all good musicians and played their own compositions, which is a rarety for bands that play free these days. They have a grungey Nirvana sound with the folky twist of the violin. They have 2 albums "Songs for your Neighbour" and the new one "Decreasing circles" available either from Amazon or at a special rate at gigs.

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Venues: Bournemouth Live : Gillingham Music Festival : Three Lions, Farncombe

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