Magic Eight Ball

Review: At present this band has a rolling line-up of fellow musicians and friends of lead singer Baz FRANCIS (lovechild of David BOWIE and Rick (Rik Mayall) from the The Young Ones. Sometimes including Andy COPPER and Michael GATES. Its great to find a frontman who's not afriad to be upfront. He seems to love nothing more than striding off the stage (when possible) and  striking a pose, with his guitar, while effortlessly playing a wicked riff. Baz is also in sole charge of songwriting for the band. In his material I can hear strong echoes of the aforementioned Bowie, Guns N Roses, Queen, with a little dash of early Genesis. They demonstrate how rock should flow, taking the listener on a musical journey down river.

Photos: coming soon

Venues: South Hill Arts Centre, Bracknell


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  1. Many thanks for a great and smile-inducing review Nick!